Ag-Tastic offers many services to help you implement and maintain your PAPrecision Agriculture” initiatives.

Our services include Field Mapping, Soil Sampling, Variable Rate Prescriptions, PA Consulting, Computer and Data services. All of these are an essential part of any PA initiative.

Precision Ag without historical DATA is not Precision Ag
If you are not keeping your field DATA then we seriously need to have a conversation so you can reap the benefits of your PA investments. Your computer infrastructure and your understanding of what resources need to be in place will be the focus of this conversation.

PC Operating systems that we support are WinXP, Win7, Win8 as well as Microsoft server 2003 and newer.

We specialize in WinXP migrations and DATA backup and storage services.

On-site services are 70$ per hour (travel is 35$ per hour). Remote support is 50$ per hour.

  • Equipment procurement – we’ll purchase the equipment that we know works.
  • Computer Repairs – either at your site or in our shop.
  • Data Recovery – we have a great record for recovering data and migrating it to the replacement.
  • Data Backup – we can tailor a solution that meets your needs.
  • Managed Services – customers who purchase managed services also get discounts on other services because this is a Pro-Active solution and that is what Precision Ag is all about – being Pro-Active..

Managed Services include the following:

  • AVAnti-Virus” protection – If you get a Virus we fix it for free!
  • Malware Protection – not to be confused with Viruses but just as detrimental
  • Web browser protection – means that we can lock down a browser so that only a few websites can be viewed. We can also vary that lock down throughout the day / week to keep unexpected users from using it afterhours and on weekends.
  • Patch Management – Patching of software is the most important way to keep a PC safe. Patching includes third party software like JAVA, Adobe, etc.. Note that WinXP will continue to be patched and secure with our software.
  • Background utility scheduling – Keeping the registry and system logs cleaned, Caches emptied, print queues cleared along with hard drive defrags are the things that most people don’t perform. We schedule and manage them to keep your PC running at it’s best potential.
  • Remote desktop assistance / takeover to resolve problems – By having the capability to perform tasks “remotely” eliminates most service calls that can result in a trip charge. Reporting – we provide you with a detailed report on the health of the PC each week

Managed Service Levels are:

Basic – 10$ per PC / Per Month

There are no discounts for services and is not available for servers. This plan is typically used for guest PCs, warehouse PCs / Terminals and home PCs but does not include browser protection.

Silver – 15$ per PC / 20$ per Server / Per Month

This plan includes browser protection and has a 10% discount on hourly services.

Gold – 20$ per PC / 30$ per Server / Per Month

This plan includes browser protection and has a 30% discount on hourly services.

Contact Us about this service:

Soil Sampling is essential to determine the carrying capacity of the soil. To sum up Soil Sampling into one phrase. “You cannot measure what you do not measure!

Carrying capacity of the soil allows you to create VR “Variable Rate” prescriptions for planting and fertilizer so you can get the most from the land. Soil Sampling becomes a required task for any precision agriculture program that plans to implement VR.

The tried and proven method is to pull soil samples and shipping them to a lab for testing. This is a laborious venture that requires quality control of the samples. Because of this, many farmers do not do soil sampling to the level that qualifies as “Precision”. If you want to maximize your yields, your profits and experience the efficiency and savings from your precision agriculture investments you have to do soil sampling!

Quality control is the utmost importance. That is why Ag-Tastic minimizes the variables inherent in soil sampling to ensure the best quality, most repeatable sample. Our Soil Technicians avoid taking samples from non-representative parts of the field such as eroded knolls, headlands, close to waterways, etc.

Intense Soil Sampling is based on a 2.5 acre grid samples at least every 4 years with 5 acre and zone grids done in between. 10 to 12 samples are pulled from a 50′ x 50′ grid center to minimize nutrient spikes.

Two Up and coming technologies that Ag-Tastic is researching are:

  • Soil Sensing systems like Veris Technology utilizing electrical, optical and RF technologies to provide soil data in real time. Combined with zone soil samples, this technology has already proven it’s worth.
  • UAVs using FLIR / Near Infrared aerial photography of the land. This only works if you plan to collect data on a regular basis through the year. The potential for this will not be accessible until UAVs are legalized for use.

Ag-Tastic prices are based on the industry standard charge of 6$ per acre for zone sampling and 10$ per acre for intense sampling, however the price is set to cover unknowns like long distance travel requirements. Prices are negotiable when bundling other services.

Field Mapping provides you with spatial information about your land and is the basis for which other maps and DATA will be overlaid upon to squeeze even more efficiencies from your PA investments.

Field Mapping can easily be done by the farmer. A good map should have an outermost boundary (non-growing area) and an inner most boundary (growing area).

Because mapping is the first thing that needs to be done, a meeting between the farmer and Ag-Tastic to determine the depth of your project is required to determine costs for this service.

Variable Rate Prescriptions come from gathering various DATA and overlaying them on a map to create a file that your PA equipment can use. Typical VRs are 1$ per acre with adjustments to that cost coming from the number of acres, travel time and complexity of the VR.

PA Consulting is mostly a free service. Some projects require lots of research but most do not. Most folks can deduce what a project will entail in a fairly short conversation. Just give us a call to start the conversation.